Our History

Our founder believes that our most valuable learning comes from our peers. Camelback Press was formed in 2006 to give voice to youth who can inspire the next generation and enlighten their elders. A window into the character of a peer carries a reflection as well.

Our name is taken from Camelback Mountain, the famous mountain located in our home city of Phoenix, Arizona. The image of a camel is fitting for a publisher of anthologies: it is said that “a camel is a horse designed by committee.”

The Characters

James F. Warne Author (2007)
James F. Warne founded Camelback Press and authored Character for Tomorrow while attending high school in Phoenix, Arizona. He was active in sports, community service, theatre and vocal performances. James graduated with honors in 2008.

President (2011)
Now attending Georgetown University in Washington D.C., James F. Warne anticipates graduating with dual Bachelors of Science in 2012. James has performed as a vocalist at The White House, studied abroad, and stays active in athletics and community service.
James F. Warne

No Photo Available Editor
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Camelback Press and its partners work directly with student sponsors or story contributors to bring stories to life while staying true to the author's experience, voice and message.