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 (Released: July 28, 2007)
Character for Tomorrow (Hardcover)
by James F. Warne (Author), Peter O'Dowd (Editor)

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What is character? Character is what makes your life happy or unhappy. It is present in every major decision you make and defines what type of person you are: honest or deceitful; responsible or reliable; brave or cowardly; kind or cruel. It is an ever-evolving process and we must draw inspiration from those around us. But while you can be influenced by them, you, and you alone, make the ultimate decision about what kind of person you will be.    - Senator John McCain

Product Description [ flyer ]
At an early age we learn to emphasize our strengths and to hide our "character-building" experiences. Not so for contributors to this book. In Character for Tomorrow, we hear the voices of young men (ages 15 - 25) as they confront challenging times, define their core values and shape their futures by (i) fitting in, yet staying true to themselves, (ii) dealing with reality: "Ultimately, I knew I would be happy being Goose rather than Maverick," (iii) handling rejection, a family break-up or even death or incarceration of a parent, (iv) embracing risk, responsibility, mentors, parents and self-esteem with "one surge of effort at a time," (v) getting in touch with emotions, learning to serve others or recognizing true love and (vi) finding a college major, a career, faith or a sense of purpose. Story contributors include class presidents, star athletes, valedictorians, aspiring artists, dedicated volunteers, young men of strong faith and all-around great guys.

About the Author
James Warne is a seventeen-year-old high school student and founder of Camelback Press, LLC. In the summer before his junior year, James contacted a select group of recent graduates and current students of his high school, and persuaded them to submit their personal stories for publication. This collection of inspiring stories is the result of his effort. The mission of Camelback Press is to publish a series of unique anthologies -- inspirational to all ages -- about the character and values of today's youth. James' message is that character in tomorrow's leaders is abundant and contagious. "By exposure to their examples, we naturally summon our own courage to rise up to our challenges and dreams."