Want To Get Published?

Many of the inspirational stories that are in print are from an adult perspective. Yet the people who stand to gain the most from these stories are the young. As teens, we need stories written by our peers, stories that we relate to, stories that can inspire us to face our challenges, realize our dreams, and act for others.

Everyone has stories of events or circumstances that made all the difference in their lives. Currently, we are accepting stories from present and recent past high school students. If you attended high school in the last five years, then our professional editor will work with you to help get your story chosen for our next book. You might even use the story in your college application!

Guidelines for a Character for Tomorrow Series™ Story          

Stories that get selected will be intensely personal reflections on situations that mean something to young people. These stories will be true, vivid accounts that walk readers through a range of emotion and inspire a discovery and deepening of character.

The book will be divided into chapters similar to the following and contain stories of 300-1200 words in length. Choose the topic that you relate to the most and submit a draft story at www.camelbackpress.com.

    CH 1: One World – This chapter contains stories about people who overcame racism, social cliques, and other biases.

    CH 2: Toughin’ It – This chapter contains stories that depict people working through the hardest of times or against insurmountable odds.

    CH 3: Defining Moments - This chapter contains stories that describe an event that had the power to turn someone’s life around.

    CH 4: Comin’ from Behind - This chapter contains stories of people who were in some manner disadvantaged or behind the curve and who managed to overcome these odds.

    CH 5: You’ve Got to be Kidding - This chapter contains stories about people who experienced horrible luck and worked through it with a positive attitude.

    CH 6: It’s Not About You - This chapter contains stories that are about caring and selfless acts that made a difference in other people’s lives.

    CH 7: I Believe - This chapter contains stories of dreams or faith that were challenged and prevailed.

    CH 8: Shoot the Moon - This chapter contains stories about people who set high goals for themselves and are on their way to achieving them.

    CH 9: Make the Assist - This chapter contains stories that demonstrate that great things can happen when teamwork is placed ahead of individual quests for the limelight.

    CH 10: Findin' Purpose - This chapter contains stories of the ongoing search for meaning and destiny.

Keep in mind that good stories involve action from the beginning. Breathe life into your characters with quotes and expression of feelings. Bring the reader along through the entire situation and leave them with the outcome and lesson learned. Avoid lecturing and hollow drama…we want to be inspired!