Our Mission
Many of the inspirational stories in print are told from an adult perspective. Yet the people who stand to gain the most from these stories are the young.

As teens, we need stories written by our peers, stories that we relate to, stories that can inspire us to face our challenges, realize our dreams, and act for others. As adults, we want to gauge the caliber and character of those who will follow us.

Our mission at Camelback Press is to bring the best stories to you from the leaders of tomorrow.
Character for Tomorrow Series™
As a publisher for youth, Camelback Press, LLC is focused on compiling stories written by students who attended high school in the last five years. If you have a story that has meaning for your peers, please visit our guidelines and submit your story. Contributors of stories selected for the next edition of Character for Tomorrow will receive $100 and the reward of being “published.”

If you are a current high school student, and your high school would like a special edition published for their school, please contact us regarding our proven program that includes tools for securing quality stories, professional editing and affordable publishing.

Available direct from publisher!

Powerful, highly personal stories
about character, by students
who attended Brophy College
during 2002 - 2007